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Call the Midwife- Funny story: When I was pregnant, I heard about this show. I thought it was a reality tv show and knew there was no way I was going to watch it before giving birth. (Also, I don't really enjoy reality TV.) In those early days of nursing August up to 6 hours a day, I watched a few shows on Netflix. Enter: Call the Midwife binge watching. A year later, I am so sad that Chummy is not a real friend of mine. And watching this newest season is bringing back happy memories of snuggling my newborn.
About Time- This movie has changed my mindset toward my days with August and Brandon more than any other blog post or news article encouraging us to "capture the moments, treasure everything." It is by the same guy who did Love Actually; it is quirky and funny and just so uplifting. 

Ray LaMontagne's Supernova on repeat. He is coming to Charleston this summer but tickets are already sold out. Darn.

The Caller- the third book in Juliet Marillier's new YA series called Shadowfell. Interesting build-up to the typical Marillier end. (She doesn't kill her heroine or her heroine's man. Maybe this is why I love her.)
The Book Thief- Great story, quick read, very emotional. Warning: this is a WW2 YA novel narrated by Death. The story is sad but worth reading for the literary conventions alone. Don't waste your time with the movie- even though I love Geoffrey Rush.

Spring is for Porches

It's porch-sitting season here in Charleston. We've scrubbed the pollen, pruced with plants and bought a new citronella candle.

Time to breathe deeply in the morning- two hands on our coffee and one eye on the little one. He plays on an heirloom quilt with blocks and trucks and leaves.

Moments in the evening- one hand holding wine, the other on my love's knee. We speak of our day and a busyness to come. 

It's the season for pause in the south. We are breathing deeply. 


happy easter.

We are the resurrection children. 

And unrelated:



You poor city. Storms have hurt you, and you have not been comforted. But I will rebuild you with turquoise stones, and I will build your foundations with sapphires. 
Isaiah 54:11

Praying for Kansas City and the Lord's peace over Passover and Holy Week. 


for your consideration || 04

When you have reached your own room, be kind to those who have chosen different doors and to those who are still in the hall. 

-C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity


August Ransom || ONE!

[Many more pictures and details to follow.]


August Ransom || 11 Months Old #CapturetheDay

03.06.2014 On Instagram, I took a picture every hour of August's 11 month birthday activities. He still loves playing in the window but now brings toys with him to play with on the sill. He loves veggie fritters, bananas, oranges and honeydew. He begins lowering himself to the floor from standing without holding onto anything- strengthening those legs for walking! He laughs every time we go up or down the stairs and charges us if we get down on all fours to wrestle him. We visit the Greenville Zoo with Uncle Drayton this month and go to Florida for Mike Nardella's wedding. He loves his Dr. Seuss books, Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Sleep Tight. After a soft song and a snuggle, he settles into naps now and sleeps through the night. (Until teething spikes a fever the last weekend of the month.) His 11 month photo is here.

9am: breakfast

11am: exploring Lulah's

12noon: do I have to sleep, Mumma?

2pm: lunch

3:30pm: headed home

5pm: play

6pm: dinner


Valentine's Picnic and Park

We packed a picnic and took August to the park for his first time on Valentine's Day. It was cold but sunny so we lunched then tried the swing and slide. He did not like the swing one bit. Brandon needed to get back to work so we only stayed a short time.

[Still playing a bit of catch-up after having our computer out of commission for several weeks earlier this year. One of my goals this year is to post more day-to-day posts from our activities. I hope this will make my 2014 photo book process a touch easier. Stick with me as I over-post this week.]