my favourite thing about numbers, and there really arent that many fabulous things [sorry, ed and other math friends], is that they enable us to count. the ability to time events and to wait in expectation, with a knowledge of one's incremental proximity, is a gift from mathematicians to every human.

my problem with patience is that sometimes I dont know how long that patience has to last. i can be patient, if i know the time frame, so i can space out my bouts of doubt and wondering.

but it is the unknown that frightens and terrifies. it is the blank space of days and weeks and years on end. i get to fill it with whatever adventure i choose.

i am getting away with myself... this is about the joy of counting. in the absence of numbers, i find myself frantic and disjointed. i need something to count down to. someone, please give me something.

[these thoughts are inspired by my friends trey, catherine, and lauren. they are all counting down to june 30th... for entirely different reasons. here's to you...]


  1. 30 days until i turn 22
    84 days until FSU vs Clemson
    02 days until house church
    09 days until Mike returns to america

    i give you options claire

  2. i like these options. but are you telling me that i have 29 days to play something for your birthday? was that a subtle hint?
    is it really only 9 days before mike gets back. that seems too soon. hmmm....