a whiff of mango

for a sunday, its been abnormally long. and rather wet.
wake late from ridiculous dream. sit through an awkward lunch of "friends." travel home and cry. talk to rutledge. cry some more. go lingerie shopping with catherine for a party i'm not going to. visit brandon to apologize for being horrid. cry again. nap with more dreams. run home in rain to fill many dull hours. buy flight to orlando on impulse and selfishness. [motivation for everything lately, apparently.] watch special on hatsheput. write blog. sleep with eyes open.

and now, i smell like day.
i cant wait for tomorrow, when i can smell like flowers and grapefruit again.

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  1. can't wait to see you claire! i have lots of scotland to share with you.. stories and such... and want to hear all about your summer :) see you soon!