personal RETREAT

seating area part one
[note the ceiling fan]

my bed space and closet
[bedroom door to right]

other half of seating area
[door shown as bathroom]

this is really for my mum cause i know the rest of you could care less.


  1. i could care less... actually, i couldn't care more about seeing your room :) maybe i can see it in person sometime.. hahaha. i love you lots!!!

  2. Umm. Claire. Didn't you have a problem with a stalker? Do you really think that this is the best way to dispel that problem?

  3. A Kucsera: thanks. come anytime! I'd love to have you visit me. see you weds night... how were your parents?

    Ed: I intentionally dont use my name on my blog. but there you go and comment to my name. you would only use my real name when its public. geez...