windows open

the weather has changed and autumn is here. only, i know in a few days, the temperature will be 80 again--maybe even 90. but there is great hope and peace in this calm and still air. and so rachael and i fight with matt and dj about opening windows and turning off the a/c. LET IN THE HUMIDITY, ALONG WITH THE BUGS. FALL IS HERE. but we will lose every time. the bugs will come and the air will be sticky and the warmth will return. we anticipate fall and open our lives to the refreshing colours it brings--

though these are merely reflections of decay and foreshadowings of death.


  1. I just want you to know what the weather's like over here:
    saterday: 80 and sunny
    sunday: Snow all day, high below freezing
    Monday: 60 and clear
    Tuesday:70 and clear

  2. wow. sounds glorious! i should come live there...

    so i have a question... you played your arch-nemesis last week in fantasy football... and you played TWO byes. for shame!

  3. your worst nightmare25/10/07 23:31

    you are clearly so afraid to play me that you must use the excuse of "forgetting" to change players...

    not only do i dominate you in Frisbee- but now in football as well. for shame, soltys.