i was crazy

i am aware of the awful colors of my blog lately. i was playing with them exam week and got interrupted. somehow, i never changed them back. but i like the new set- its like a clean, fresh slate... just like my life.
i have been taking some time for myself these last few weeks. time to internalize the experiences of college and the implications of graduation. time to enjoy my family, however often they let me down. time to write thank you notes and to attempt to acclamate to the humidity. its been interesting and though its only been three weeks since graduation, i have learned a lot about myself. but that will be revealed slowly through more updated blogs, i hope.
but thats me for tonight... short and sweet... i have not had much to say lately cause im thinking...


  1. Lookie, we have the same background color! I don't like my colors either, but I like them more then the colors I previously had, thus - the lesser of two evils. I am in the process of changing my theme, but oh the time it takes! But anywhoo, it's not the color that matters!

    And congratulations on graduating!

    And I really like your glasses! You look as cute as a bucket! I mean, button. If you consider buttons to be cute, that is...

  2. thanks for the congrats! im happy to be done... finally!!!

    i think buckets are more cute than buttons anyhow... they should change the phrase...