what i hate about...

...moving is that you find a place- the perfect place- for EVERYTHING: From shoes, to hair ties, to dishwashing soap to perfume to ties to dvds to photo albums. Its crazy how your stuff can change shape to fit in somewhere new. You may be wondering why I hate this so much. I will tell you: We all have things that we only use once every so often. Like a curling iron. I only use my curling iron when I am going to a wedding and want curly hair that day. Or winter slippers. If you move in the summer, you might not use those slippers until much later in your life at New Home. These might seem trite. And I suppose they are. but, when you have PAIN like, excruciating, cant stand up and walk straight pain, you need some help. And yes, you need more than drugs. And if your husband happens to be off at work for the day [yay for him!], and is not around to rub your tired, raw, sore, throbbing shoulders- you will need a hot water bottle. This is the item of "least-use-most-importance" in my house. When in pain, one doesnt feel like searching on hands and knees, on ladders and chairs, on washer, on dryer, under couch and sink for a pain reliever. Its just supposed to BE THERE. So, what I hate about moving is that two months ago, I found the perfect place for my hot water bottle and now, I cannot locate it in my time of utter need.

*you may wonder how I can blog in such a condition. i have overslept, laying down hurts, reading strains- so I prop myself up for computerized entertainment.

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