26 Days and Counting

I am a quote stealer. It is my firm belief that if you dont want people stealing your quotes, dont say anything profound. A friend's facebook status today is: "sometimes He holds us close & let's the wind & waves go wild. sometimes He calms the storm. other times He calms His child." I dont have a clue what this friend is facing today, tomorrow, next month- what I do know is that its profound.

In 26 days, our rental agreement is up. We will have to 1. beg them to let us do month-to-month 2. move somewhere local in hopes of finding reasonable month-to-month rent 3. get a job elsewhere fast! and move there. Talk about last minute, will you? I know that God is sovereign, that He watches over us, and that He has a plan for us. Right now, I'd say I am the child being calmed- but my prayers are that He would calm the raging storm around us. We need a God-sized interception in a big way in a short amount of time.

For now, I'm going back to my tea and clementines- the two joys of finding myself under the weather.


  1. You will find that your living arrangements will be arranged for you. Somehow it will work out just right. Just keep your eyes and ears and heart open :)

    It's a long story, but we had that same thing happen to us three times since we got back from our vacation in September. It is not fun. Each time we didn't find a new place in time and then just as we were going crazy and thinking of moving to a crappy apt, we were offered to stay longer (we lived in a friends apartment but her in-laws were going to move in). But eventually we found a great new apartment and everything is fine and dandy yet again. Hm.. I should really take up blogging again...

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I like your blog and I am your fan. Yes. Awesome!

  2. Oh you better believe i am stealing quotes from this...

  3. My dear Estonian- Thank you for your encouraging words! It is a sweet reminder that things do truly work out! I am so happy you still read my blog- and I do so wish you would take up blogging again. I miss your funny posts and your silly photos of toilet paper and your crazy dog :)

    My dear wanna-be-vampire friend- Steal away! Not my blood- just my quotes, and any others that I steal too!