at Paloma

"Hold fast to dreams,
for if dreams die,
life is a broken-winged bird
that cannot fly."
-Mr. Langston Hughes

At housechurch, this spring, we are going to have some discussion around the topic of hope and dreams. I believe the tag line has become "Are we finding our way to our dreams OR Are we finding God's way to our dreams?" I anticipate that this will be a good time of looking into the Story of God, our Hope above any other hope. We will study the telling of Scripture's Story of Hope to see how that fits in our own lives of dreams. I believe this is a difficult balance to achieve- this pursuit of dreams and passions with this surrendering everything to Christ.

Last night we looked at the story of Sarai: of how, after waiting 76 years, she took her dream/ hope/ longing to have children into her own hands; of how wrong that was; of how, 14 years later, God honored her inspite of her sin and self-propulsion.

And then, we had some time for Kindergarten Crafts (as I like to call it). We each cut up magazines and pasted together a collage of our dreams. It was rather limited, as finding photos of spiritual qualities are near impossible. But each of us created something unique unto us to represent the passions, goals, desires, and distant (or close) longings of our hearts. And then, we pasted it into our Church at Heatherwood/ Church off Main/ Church at Paloma journal which tells the Story of God for the here and the now in these moments of our lives which intersect with DCF and Clemson. And though we strive to hold these dreams loosely, we also cherish them.

And so, my loosely-held, potentially surrendered for the kingdom dream of a home are shown here. My home, seen through Ikea's eyes:

this: but in gray:
and we will have lots and lots of guests


  1. Have you read The Echo Within by Robert Benson? It deals with that very thing - "finding your true calling." It may be a great read for you and/or the group as you think about hopes, dreams, and passions!

  2. i'm reminded of 500 days of summer by your pictures- mainly because I just watched the movie and they go to ikea.

    i'm very excited for this semester at hc. this is a perfect topic to focus on.

  3. I'm enjoying this. It's just about one of the most relevant things ever. also, i like your choices. i know you're shocked.

  4. thank you, ladies- for the encouragement, love and support. Juli, I'll check out the book for sure- Thanks for the recommendation!