"let it snow"

The calendar hanging above my desk is special to me. It is one of those "assemble yourself" kits and was made for me by a dear friend who took wedding, honeymoon, engagement, and friend pictures to theme the months for me. I totally love it!

The only think is, its taunting me. For January, the calendar reads "let it SNOW." This is a cruel joke as the temperatures have been well below freezing, the snow has been falling everywhere north and SOUTH (Cocoa Beach, FL) of here, and snow has a way of disappearing when I arrive. (Remember last Christmas when Brandon, my then boyfriend, had to time his drive home so he could get through TWO blizzards in the Northeast. I flew up to see him a week later and it was nearly all melted- all but a pile of dirty, road snow.)

And, if you are a faithful blog reader, you will say, "But Claire, you had snow in Clemson last week."

My response to you is "Its not enough!" If its going to be this cold, it just needs to snow. There is no other way to cut it. Today is considered "warm" and its not even above freezing. Wouldn't it be nice to play in snow on this "warm day?"

I know all the local school kids (and probably college students too!) are praying each night for snow. So

Why, God, why? Why aren't you answering these cute, yet sincere, little prayers?

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