Liquid Precipitation

Yesterday, Brandon made a brief trip to Barefoot Properties to ask them about our rent. If you didn't know, our rental agreement was up on January 31st. Thanks to much prayer and much generosity from Barefoot, we are able to extend our lease on a month-to-month basis. It was as official as Brandon writing on a piece of paper "I want to extend my lease until February 28, 2010." Praise is due to God for providing this for us and thanks to those of you who have been praying for us. To be honest, my feelings, though relieved, are a little mixed. I wonder how long we will be thinking "maybe the end of January," "maybe the end of February," "maybe the end of..."

To rid myself of these sorts of thoughts, I responded to B, "If we are going to be here another month and a half, we should rearrange." Let me tell you, at the other end of that action, I am worn out. For 2 days, B and I have been moving and removing and storing and packing and unpacking and straightening and caty-cornering galore! I'll bet you are thinking, "Surely there isn't that much to do in a 2 bedroom apt!" I am here to say that the smallness of size makes it more difficult because you have a room with multiple purposes rather than a single use. Our second bedroom is now: Video Game Room/ Guest Bedroom/ Exercise Room/ Claire's Dressing Room/ Claire's Office and Craft Room. Our living room is: TV Room/ Dining Room/ Coat Closet/ Sitting Room. I have left our bedroom simple, going off the mantra of Frank Lloyd Wright. Pictures below represent 1. my well-organized craft, sewing, photo station 2. our guest bed/ video game couch 3. my awesome desk 4. Sitting space in living room 5. brandon enjoying the new arrangement 6. our massive bookshelf/ entertainment system. Enjoy the work of our Friday and Saturday!

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