IT WORKED or "live together, die alone"

For the premiere of final season of LOST, Brandon and I decided to throw a proper party. Attendants were allotted characters and were asked to dress up and to bring food items that corresponded with their given character. Food was eaten. Lost was absorbed. Awards were given. Fun was had.

Brandon as JACK: 70's Style

Shannon as Penny: Winner of the Michael Award for the most talkative person
(a kid's book)
Monica as Ana Lucia: Winner of the Jack Award for the most intense reaction

Jon as Richard Alpert: Winner of the Sawyer Award for the most inappropriate comment. Sorry, Shannon, for Brandon's rude friend :)
(a dead polar bear)

John as Sayid:
Jana as Rose: Winner of the Juliet Award for the person who moves the most (as Juliet has participated in every Island Group)
(Dharma badge)

Claire as Eloise Hawkins: 50's Style
Rachel as Kate: Winner of the Jin Award for the person who talks the least

Ed as John Locke: Winner of the Kate Award for the person with the best costume/ most likely to escape the law (down to the comic book, well done, Ed!)
(polar bear IN a cage- that grows with time too)
Jess as Claire: Winner of the John Locke Award for the person who doesn't get up from her seat
(smokie from the cake)
Amanda as Juliet: Winner of the Walt Award for the person who spills something and/or results in being dripping wet
(a recap of lost on dvd so he knows what really happens in his life)
The food was also a work of creativity. Locke brought "wild boar hunted in the wilderness." Claire says "ummm peanut butter." Jack brought "pills for popping." Juliet's sandwiches were not "missing the toothpicks." Ana Lucia brought "some exotic elements mashed together for sustenance. If you dont like it, too damn bad." Kate brought crackers, "I'm a jail bird," and gummi bears, "I miss Aaron." Well done, friends!

It would be a grave oversight if I did not mention the sad absense of so many dear LOST fans. We missed you all and hoped your LOST viewing was as intense, boggling, thrilling, and frustrating as ours was. Please be sure to visit Brandon's Blog for an informative orientation film.


  1. i think Sayid's hair, and Locke's lack of hair are high up there on my favorites. Ed/Locke's face in his picture will haunt me. Also i looked nothing like Rose. I have never relaxed around that much weaponry before :)