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About a month ago, my mum was telling me about the comet passing earth. In this story, she mentioned that her best friend was committed to thinking of TEN things a day to vocally praise God for. It was a side note in the story- a brief anecdote. After that, though, I noticed Mum and I both praising God for blessings- a warning, instead of a speeding ticket- quick passport negotiations for the boys in Budapest- new car for Dad- cheap tickets to P.R.- etc- etc- etc. I have not ever quite done 10 a day. But I notice a difference. I don't know if its just that I am suddenly seeing things differently or if God is blessing me more. All the same, in the last week:

1. we went on a trip to DC and stayed UNDER an already low budget.
2. we had a fantastic time with Andrew and Sara
3. I was given a kitchenaid mixer by Caneva!!!
4. I found a great, and reasonably priced, one-year-old birthday present for my niece.
5. I was offered a job at the FIRST place I asked (starting Thursday)
6. My interview felt more like talking with a friend than being interrogated
7. I received a special letter and gift (2 beautiful journals) from Laura of Scotland
8. I am going to Puerto Rico in less than a month
9. Brandon and I are finding a place to move- down to two options... inclined towards one of them
10. the LOST finale made me cry
11. I was given homemade strawberry jam (even tastier with a layer of lemon curd on top)
12. the thunderstorms due Sunday in D.C. did not rain on our parade
13. I was told "not to be offended" when I was offered more money than I expected to be offered by said job
14. we made a last- minute unexpected visit to IKEA
15. I wake from bad dreams, confused of where I am, and am relieved because I am home, in bed, next to my dear husband who is always here to comfort me.

Life is good. This list goes on and on.

Though we find ourselves stressed and anxious, we give praise.

What are your ten things to give praise for today?

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