Savannah: The Paris Market

Who would have thought that in Savannah, I'd be whisked away to Europe? Brandon and I discover The Paris Market and Brocante when we visit the city in early May. I know instantly that I can spend hours [and thousands of dollars] in this one delightful market.

A tag line on their website reads "Travel the world for hidden treasures." What a simple, beautiful sentence. And how incredibly world-traveled the market feels with scents of French countryside, wrapping decor from Japan, school books from Belgium, glass negatives of India. With the language of France in my ears, I stand still and breathe in the swirling beauty.

When Brandon and I visit, I am too intoxicated to narrow my purchases. In fact, I cannot do so until my third trip. Mrs. Andrews, Allison and Mum love the store as much as I. We visit twice to take in the aesthetics and finally, I make a selection:

One white rulered vase with spout.
One scoop of loose lavender.
One "Paris Market" sachet.
One champagne glass.

Each is perfect in its own simple, elegant way. The vase and sachet- my own selection, my own memory. The lavender- for my Mum. The glass- for toasts with our Tampa Two. Memories wrapped in market souvenirs are the perfect way to remember.

Visit the website here
Visit the blog here

*Mum is coming with her camera full of indoor Market pictures. I'll be sure to post some soon.*
And THANK YOU, MRS. ANDREWS for the champagne glass! I love love love it!

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