Creativity Bootcamp 2011: SO PUMPED!

Last summer, I participated in Madeline Bea's Creativity Boot Camp. It was an online two week course in which each participant was encouraged to focus on one particular creative outlet. I chose wearable art in order to push myself towards our Grand Opening of Quixotic RIE. It was difficult to find time every day to accomplish the tasks, but I took the program at my own pace. I was exceedingly pleased with the results. Maeghan has kindly made a Workbook available for those of you who missed out on participating. I would encourage each of you to do this at some point this year. It is stretching, encouraging, and eye-opening. You are bound to love and hate it at the same time. And be thankful, in the end, that you gave it a go.

A little details, in Maeghan's words:

The Creativity Boot Camp e-book is filled with all the creative goodness of the two week course. With ALL NEW CREATIVE PROMPTS and a brand new Workbook with some extra thought provoking questions that you can print out and use to get the most from your daily exercises! Don’t feel like you can devote the time to it right now? No biggie…work through it at your own pace! Take a whole week per assignment if you wish! Use it as a tool in whatever ways work for you! Feel free to use the CBC Flickr group to post images from the brand new prompts. I know everyone loved the camaraderie of the two weeks we shared together…so utilize the spaces we have and connect with each other!

Also, Spring Training is coming in May. See you there for sure! What will your medium be?

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  1. I would really like to participate in this. I feel like I'm going to need it after the school year! That ends in June. Can I start after that? :)