Aversions, Affections, and Adorations

I have seen this idea around bloggerworld and thought I might join in for a short Saturday morning post. I enjoy specific lists and categories like this. Hope you do too:

Aversions: cream in tea, iced coffee, cold showers, humidity, people who are always late, improper pronunciation of "anyway," hearts, dry skin, non-creative ruts, headaches, eggs, painted-shut windows, dirty screens

Affections: coffee, jeans, boots, earrings, books, hammocks, tidal creeks, the smell of pluff mud, this land I live on, number 7, history-specifically post-colonial Africa, photography, Nikolai my camera, freshly painted walls, champagne

Adorations: my Jesus, His Daddy, and the Spirit; worship of the aforementioned; my quirky, intelligent, humorous family; my loving, encouraging family-in-law; good friends whose conversation makes time stop; the husband who makes my heart jump

What are your aversions, affections, and adorations?


  1. Aversions: Cream in tea?! Iced Coffee?!

    these are two good things.

    Affections: Pluff Mud. This is on the wrong list i think ;)

    Hey, Thanks for looking at my tool of the week thing. I'm migrating that blog over to www.mikesoltys.com so you should head over there and grab the rss feed for that one. As a preview, next week's tool is Mendeley, if you read a lot of PDFs, its amazing.

  2. MILK in tea is delicious. not cream :)

    I have now subscribed to mikesoltys.com- thanks for letting me know. I have considered the move to wordpress myself. maybe one day...

    Hope you are well.