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I am not the one who typically promotes music on my blog. I reserve that for my husband. He does such a great job of it, why should I interfere? But today is a different sort of day! Last night, he and I attended a free concert put on by The Bridge, our local radio station. The lovely band was none other than Scars on 45. I am convinced we were the only ones to show up for this band in particular. Fortunately, it was held at Wild Wings Cafe, so there were a large number of guests [insert guys looking for girls, girls trying to look like they don't want the attention]. Don't let our sole attendance put you off. Charlestonians just let me down last night. [We did invite everyone we know in Charleston to this show as well. Lame friends! :)]

After a great set, sadly riddled with sound issues (by the way, even crackly, Aimee sounds INCREDIBLE!), someone called for an encore. The band kindly said "we don't know any more songs." Brandon and I were going to have none of this. We KNEW they had other songs. So we shouted out "What about Tired Eyes?" Three members turned around with genuine shock on their faces. I guess they have not had many requests on this American Tour. I even heard Aimee say under her breath "That's a first!" They did not play our song because they don't remember how to play it. After they packed up, Brandon and I chatted with them. Aimee is the nicest person in the world. She was just so amazed that we knew and requested one of their old songs, that she made the band sign a CD for us and gave it to us for FREE. (We only had $2 with us, which we offered and she flat out refused, saying our requesting "Tired Eyes" was payment enough.)

They are incredible live, and my humble, unlearned opinion is that if you have a chance to see them live: do so now! Go buy their EP and give them some support. I cannot say enough how genuine, kind, and joyful this band was. Oh, and very entertaining too!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Part of the reason we may have been the only fans present was a miscommunication. Their website said they were playing at 7pm at Wild Wings Downtown. We showed up to no band- but our awesome waiter hunted down the information for us. Perhaps others showed up to Market Street and just gave up after being told "the show was cancelled." I am so thankful we pursued the correct information!

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