Post Eleven: Chains and Strings

rusted chains

I hear the voice of the Lord, whispering softly, urgently:

The strings are cut. This is live. This is real. This is Me, pursuing you.

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  1. I wrote this in my journal tonight:

    "Human nature has complicated the Gospel. We spend more time pondering the complexities rather than resting in its simplistic truth...

    He came. He lived. He died. He rose. He Redeemed.

    We complicate this because complicated is primarily what we know and experience as humans. Because of original sin. I don't believe complication is always a bad thing. Its tendency to challenge may make faith stronger. But complicating the Gospel is dangerous. In doing so, we miss the mark. We reject redemption. We cannot glorify.

    Instead, we remain in self-indulgent guilt."