Brandon and Mandy's Wedding

During our first few months of dating, my to-be-husband turned to me one evening and said, "Not only do you have an enormous family with a lot of brothers, you also have a second family." He was referring to the Andrews family, and he was right. Each, in their own way, put him through a test, watched him closely and nodded their approval or dissent. I love them dearly-- like my own family. Brandon Andrews and I have an old friendship based on travel, laughter and dancing. This winter/spring, Love struck him fast and hard in a stunningly exciting way. When Emily, his eldest sister, asked me to help her photograph his wedding, how could I refuse? Although I doubted my skills and knowledge, I knew I would enjoy the extra time with Emily as we planned and coordinated and with Brandon and his new bride. Emily did a fantastic job shooting my wedding, and I learned much from her this Spring. She asked me to shoot details and to try to fill in for places she could not be. It was a fantastically tiring and glorious day. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Allison and Lilah Claire at Rehearsal

Ring aRosie w/ abundant nieces and nephews


my B aboard the boat

West Palm

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