Lightroom Love

When Emily asked me to help with Brandon's wedding, she recommended I try her 50mm lens and Lightroom. I am head-over-heels in love with both of them! Her lens doesn't shoot in auto-focus on my camera and my Lightroom trial has expired but let me tell you... I am saving my pennies to purchase both in the VERY NEAR future!

Just to give you an idea of the delights of Lightroom:


After slight Lightroom Adjustments

Can you see the difference? The before shot looks nice capturing the blues in the waves and the child-awe for father and uncle. But, it also seems to have a haze over it. It is just not crisp and clear. After really slight adjustments in Lightroom, the image is a truer picture of the Florida wedding beach day. When I say "slight," I mean it! I hardly had time to learn the program. I am anxious to buy the program so I can see what "intense" adjustments look like :)

Thanks, Em, for pushing me into this and for encouraging my passions. Thanks for the advice and tips and camaraderie.

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