The History of Us {Celebrating Life}

I have known Ali since I was 3 years old: over 25 years of friendship! For her 30th birthday, I wanted to give her something tangible to show how much these 25 years have meant to me. Mum suggested a photobook...

The spine of the book says, "to love a person is to learn the song in her heart & sing it to her when she has forgotten." This quote* embodies my friendship with Allison. She seems to ground me and bring me back to a "better me." She is so many things that I am not... generous, laid-back, carefree, adventurous. I treasure our memories, laughter, and friendship through so many seasons of life.

Thanks to Emily, Mrs. A and Mum for helping gather photos, give input on layout and arrangement, fill in dates, places, etc. Mum especially laid out several of the pages herself which pretty much saved the project. Such a huge help! Boy, do we have some crazy photos of us!?! And like Ali said, "What a variety of hairstyles!!!"

*I adapted this quote slightly from Winn's blog.

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