We had a party at our place for the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I was really excited to see what Danny Boyle would create. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed the night-of. Then, I read more about it later and think my disappointment was misplaced. I don't think NBC did a great job capturing all that was going on and the full tone of the even. Instead, they had their commentators tell us what had occurred. I saw stunning photos on BBC the next day of whole scenes NBC just decided not to air. Shame.

But our food, company, and home-made American patriotism made up for NBC's shortcomings.

Apparently, I only photograph food these days. In American spirit, we drew flags on our dixie cups, ate pigs in a blanket (hot dogs!), apples with caramel (apple pie!), brownies, chips and dip, and lincoln log pretzels!

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