50 Posts: 9 Things I do not Handle Well

This post has no pictures. You don't want them. I promise.
  1. Roaches (x1000)
  2. Mold
  3. Translucent, albino looking worms in my yard (I only see them at night)
  4. Black Licorice (gross!)
  5. Aspartame
  6. Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion from Bath and Body Works (I know its discontinued but the idea of it makes me queasy.)
  7. Unwashed egg pans
  8. Cold dirty dishwater
  9. Mice and/or rats

[This post is a part of 50 Posts series in which I blog about 50 various subjects from 9.20.13 to 9.20.14. Inspired by and adapted from] Fat Mum Slim.

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