I've been taking monthly photos of August on his birthday. I keep meaning to post them all here for posterity sake. This is August: 6 months old.

Mum, August and I took a very last minute, very quick trip to Starke to meet baby Owyn and to hug Emily's neck. Ali came to surprise us all too! The gathering of women to snuggle babies, drink coffee and share our hearts is one of my favorite things. 

Lilah and Owyn

Lilah's eyes!
 We started giving August fruits and veggies on my birthday. (I thought that would help me remember the date.) Since then, he eats anything we give him. Carrots, peas and pears are favorites. He likes avocado if its slightly warmed (odd!) and zucchini with garlic and basil. Feeding this boy is such fun. (I was really dreading the "solids" stage but have been surprised to find it easy, laid back and simple.)
In mid- October, Roman and Jenny visited for a long weekend. Off to the pumpkin patch we went...

Jackson (2), Mairn (4), and August (6 mo.)

Justin and Andra visited too! What a fun cousin month we've had! Their children have never been to a big, sandy American beach and they were enthralled. Brandon is working on a little film project that will capture our weekend and their excitement more than my photos...

Andra, Justin, Jonas (7), Anna (5), Evie (2)
 For small group, we took a night to eat chili and yummy cookies and carve pumpkins. Here are some of our creations...
Will, Sam, Kaitlin, Bran and August
 Finally, a current favorite of my boy in his Wild shirt.

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