the islands || the sea 02

In my very first blog post, I wrote, I keep searching for the islands in the sea to bring life to these hours. To harken back to this idea, I will periodically post examples of current islands and sea in my life. The islands are the inspirations, the joys, the overwhelming blessings of light that restores my soul. The sea represents the brokenness of this world that I am currently wrestling with. It is not the negative; it is that which pulls deep and heavy on my heart.

the sea

reading and re-reading this passage from James Kavanagh [Do I believe in these things?] 

remembering "it is what it is" is not always the best attitude

memorizing Ezekiel 22: 30 and asking The Lord to stand in our broken places

appreciating the perspective of this post

the islands

drinking my coffee slower, pausing to enjoy

working to incorporate more eggs in our diet

learning to distinguish between the sleeping baby tasks vs the awake baby tasks thanks to this post by Elise Cripe

strolling neighborhoods and parks with my eleven month old

listening to the spring rain and snuggling with my husband

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