August Ransom || 11 Months Old #CapturetheDay

03.06.2014 On Instagram, I took a picture every hour of August's 11 month birthday activities. He still loves playing in the window but now brings toys with him to play with on the sill. He loves veggie fritters, bananas, oranges and honeydew. He begins lowering himself to the floor from standing without holding onto anything- strengthening those legs for walking! He laughs every time we go up or down the stairs and charges us if we get down on all fours to wrestle him. We visit the Greenville Zoo with Uncle Drayton this month and go to Florida for Mike Nardella's wedding. He loves his Dr. Seuss books, Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Sleep Tight. After a soft song and a snuggle, he settles into naps now and sleeps through the night. (Until teething spikes a fever the last weekend of the month.) His 11 month photo is here.

9am: breakfast

11am: exploring Lulah's

12noon: do I have to sleep, Mumma?

2pm: lunch

3:30pm: headed home

5pm: play

6pm: dinner

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