Our Florida Weekend

we 3 Loys

What a juggle this weekend ended up being! August woke with a fever (from teething) on Thursday afternoon and pretty much didn't sleep the rest of the weekend. We caravanned with Dayne to Brandon and Mandy's house in Jacksonville. They have done such a great job fixing the place up and making it a really nice space for them. Friday morning, I enjoyed coffee and snuggles with Owyn while we all visited. 
We got on the road to Orlando around ten. Roman and Jenny closed Friday morning on the Andrews' home in downtown Orlando. It is a beautiful oak-surrounded 3-story house built by Mr. Andrews. The house was abustle with rehearsal dinner preparations so we helped and visited and played with cousins. The rehearsal dinner was a blast! Such a celebration of lovely people and a reunion of old friends. We all agreed the house should be called the Andrews-Hammes house in "the old way" of keeping the name of the original owners in the title.

3rd floor view
Saturday we ventured to Ikea during the tornado warnings and thunderstorms. Saturday at Ikea is never a good idea- unless you are Ikea-obsessed like me! We bought a few toys for August's birthday and some frames for a gallery wall I've been planning. We raced through the checkout to rush home in time for the 4pm wedding ceremony. The skies cleared as we entered the church. The rains brought a lovely breeze and cooler temperatures for the outside reception at The Acre. We devoured delicious barbecue and danced under the stars. Andrew, Tiffany and I decided we had not seen enough of Roman so we followed him around dancing a conga line behind him. It is absurd how long we did this before anyone took note of this. 
Brandon's first smore
Dancing like no one is watching
The trip home was difficult on Sunday- traffic and fussy sick baby. But it was a lovely wedding weekend for sure... worth the exhaustion for the memories.

finally home

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