Watch. Listen. Read. 03

Call the Midwife- Funny story: When I was pregnant, I heard about this show. I thought it was a reality tv show and knew there was no way I was going to watch it before giving birth. (Also, I don't really enjoy reality TV.) In those early days of nursing August up to 6 hours a day, I watched a few shows on Netflix. Enter: Call the Midwife binge watching. A year later, I am so sad that Chummy is not a real friend of mine. And watching this newest season is bringing back happy memories of snuggling my newborn.
About Time- This movie has changed my mindset toward my days with August and Brandon more than any other blog post or news article encouraging us to "capture the moments, treasure everything." It is by the same guy who did Love Actually; it is quirky and funny and just so uplifting. 

Ray LaMontagne's Supernova on repeat. He is coming to Charleston this summer but tickets are already sold out. Darn.

The Caller- the third book in Juliet Marillier's new YA series called Shadowfell. Interesting build-up to the typical Marillier end. (She doesn't kill her heroine or her heroine's man. Maybe this is why I love her.)
The Book Thief- Great story, quick read, very emotional. Warning: this is a WW2 YA novel narrated by Death. The story is sad but worth reading for the literary conventions alone. Don't waste your time with the movie- even though I love Geoffrey Rush.

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