Happy Birthday, Lulah.

Today is my mum's birthday! We try to get together every Thursday, but this week ended up a bit disorganized. We heard they've been dredging for sand out at Folly and the water has turned the most gorgeous shade of turquoise. On Tuesday, we packed our bags early and headed out to see for ourselves.

August had a wonderful time; he dug in the sand and played with the toys on the blanket quite happily. After we were all warm and ready to cool down, we walked to the put our feet in the water. August sat right down and laughed every time a wave came up and washed over his lap. 
We are looking forward to a summer filled with beach trips, sandcastles, sunscreen and popsicles. Folly Beach will always be home to me. I am delighted August is finding his way there too.

Pictures taken with my iPhone that has a spot on the lens I cannot get off. 
Anyone else had this happen? Any advice on what to do?

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