How do you self-motivate? 

I am struggling to finish and prioritize personal goals lately. I have allowed fatigue and easier tasks to take the place of completing blog posts, birthday quilts, stacks of books and journal entries in my head. I lay in bed at night thinking of the now two-months-late thank you notes from my sons birthday and my mum's birthday present yet unmade. There are also the things I'd like to do like continue to meal plan and try new bread recipes. 

Please tell me. Share your tips because I am in a funk I do not like. These things matter too.


  1. A lot of times I wake up and I start making a huge list of things that I want to accomplish/do that day, but it always seems that the weight of this list prevents me from doing anything! In reality, it is generally only feasible to do one or two things each day, amoung all of the routine aspects of your day that need to get done- so pick your top two choices when you wake up, and it'll be easier to focus/stay motivated!

  2. Kelly! Yes! I love this... I have SO many different things I want to do that I get overwhelmed and feel like I failed before I began. One or two a day... so simple and so do-able.