A Letter to my Brother || Rutledge [on his wedding day]

Rutledge: Christmas 2013
Dear Rutledge,

Age and time dictate so much in our lives. You've often preceded me- in driving, in leaving home, in discovery of new bands, authors, movies. You warned me "being older is not easier" but I thought you were plying for sympathy.

I beat you in one thing, brother. I left the country before you; I even beat Andrew by one week to his eternal chagrin. And I understand now, because of my one first, that going first also means forging the path. It means standing alone at the edge of everything and not backing down. It means falling hard, marking the spot in warning for others and then carrying on. It means walking through times of glory and moments of hell.

I know you felt alone in your journey but I was right there too. I was watching and following and cheering. As you explored and questioned and dreamed, you were showing me how to do the same. As you yourself were finding your way, you were encouraging me to find mine. You've reached back and pulled me along without even knowing it because that is who you are. You're a leader and a friend and a compassionate man.

We all dream of home, brother, not Chestnut or the Hamlet or Peaceful Way. We dream of a place of friendship, laughter and love, a haven of safety and rest. And because this wouldn't be a letter from one wannabe Inkling to another without a Lewis quote, I'll remind you now you are never too old to dream a new dream. I see the dreams in your eyes and I whisper up the path "keep going; home is surely around the next bend."

Happy wedding day, Rutledge.

- your little sister

PS- You will forever be my favorite "silkie".

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