If you have spoken to me in the last year, chances are you have heard about Louis Zamperini.

That man changed me. 

I've just received news of his death and I sit on my couch crying silent tears. My reaction to news of strangers' death is often shock followed by outrage. School shootings, car bombs, horrific diseases, suicide: leave me hollow and quiet. But this, this is different.

As I read the news, I just closed my eyes and cried. Zamperini was on every imaginary list I had: who would you invite to dinner, which celebrity would you meet, which stranger would you take to an abandoned island with you. You name it, he was on my list. 

Because if a man's story can change you, how much more can the man?

Rest in peace, Louis. Thank you for sharing your life with us; we needed to hear it. I needed to hear it.

[Please, if you have not read his story then do so now.]

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