A Letter to my Brother || Dayne

Dayne & August: Thanksgiving 2013
Dear Dayne,

There were the days of Keith Green on the old Cooper River bridge, of swashbuckling in the woods of Leaky Creek, of squirreling away to the attic together to lose ourselves in literature. There were the days of uphill walks in Dundee, jamming on a stranger's guitar in a pub with pints for Sunday dinner. There were the days spoken only in pig latin, the days debating GoT theory, the days of mutual hate for developing iOS apps. We have had so many good days.

It would be easy to say our days have been good because we are close in age, you being my closest sibling. [I will take this opportunity to remind you again that the fact that July precedes September means nothing; I am your elder.] My theory is we owe much to your integrity. You've never tried to be something you are not and you lose patience for me quickly when I do. I've not been able to hide truth from you since you were two. Over the years that has created a space for us to rest in and allowed an ease to flow between our time.

What a life we live as siblings- living vicariously through each others' dreams. I tried to give you Scotland and, in turn, you gave me a bit of Germany. I know the ache in you to do more, to see more, to feel more. And I say go. Go now, though we will miss you. Go, though family means everything. Go that you might taste and wander and adventure.

Meanwhile, we will all pray your road will lead you back to us.

- Claire

PS- Ivegay emthiggle ellhang.

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