The State of the Blog 2015

latte art by Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse in TR

The Islands || the Sea
In which I address the weight of both pain and blessings in the world around. My intent is to create space for the heavy issues without having to compose an essay about an entire topic, to graciously honor the good (there is so much good) and to tangibly tie in the title and purpose of this blog with increased regularity.

Watch. Listen. Read.
In which I summarize a few of the shows and movies, articles and books, songs and playlists I am currently enjoying. I tried to post monthly in 2014 which was wonderful to review at the end of the year since I too often forget the books I've read. I will continue periodically sharing my media consumption here.

A Letter to...
In which I compose public letters to loved ones. This series was born out of my 30 for 30 birthday project that challenged me to write each of my siblings a letter over the span of a year. I will continue this goal until completion.

Narrative Series
In which I reflect a memory too rich for a photograph. Although I only wrote two last year, writing these memoir posts refreshed me in ways I cannot describe and reminded me why I started this blog.
A few of my motherhood observations could fit in this series but I've kept them separate thus far.

for your consideration
In which I share the wisdom of another; because some quotes are too good not to share.

Along with these, I post random DIY projects, Loy family adventure recaps and motherhood observations. In 2015, you can anticipate a few memory keeping posts, too many Little Loy #2 (nn Huckleberry) pictures, before/after Treetops renovation posts and weekly pictures of August (& Huckleberry, eventually) as I tackle the 52 Project.

Happy New Year, friends. Let's boogie.

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