Around Here

Around here, I am doing laundry and starting to pack for our tri-city trip. August and I will be flying to Pittsburg to visit Emily and family on Sunday morning then returning to Greenville where Brandon will meet us. August will have his first weekend away with friends while Brandon and I escape to the mountains for two days. "Excited" does not describe our sentiments well enough.

Around here, I am stitching up a little surprise for dear friends.

Around here, we are reading longer picture books to August as his attention span and understanding increases. It is the best thing ever.

Around here, August and I are listening to my aunt and Brandon finish painting the downstairs ceiling.

Around here, I am clearing my phone in anticipation of the pictures I'll be snapping in the snow.

Around here, I've been working every spare moment on my 2014 family albums.

Around here, we are all dancing to 60s music in the kitchen.

Around here, August watches me cook each night from his stool. That boy definitely likes to be involved in whatever we have going on.

Around here, I am thinking I need to start a "to do by baby's arrival" list of Writer's Muse related tasks. Don't worry, I'll use my tried and true bullet journaling method so that I stay on target.

Around here, we are wishing you a happy valentine's day. Hug the ones you love this weekend!

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