Little Loy #2 Gender Reveal

Not knowing the gender of my babies until they are born is one of my favorite things about having children. Brandon, on the other hand, really likes to know so that he can "prepare." Because we did not find out with August, I thought it was only fair to have Brandon find out this time. At our 20 week ultrasound back in early December, Brandon found out the baby's gender but I did not. He kept it a secret nearly two months and only cracked when I asked him to tell me. I am very impressed with his secret keeping ability. I would have enjoyed the mystery up until birth but we are having a difficult time with names so I thought narrowing the category would help. This weekend, we announced to family and friends that we are having...


I love August's face here.

We are very pleased about this news as we are both a bit scared of pink. I love the idea of August having a little brother and bestie. My sister-in-law is pregnant with a boy as well so close boy cousins are gonna be so fun to watch grow up together. My niece cried a little (as she is the only girl on this side of the family so far) but recovered and promised to help take care of the babies since she's the oldest.

I used this tutorial to make the blue powder for the reveal. The process was very easy but next time I will pulse the powder longer in the blender and double the recipe (at least).

I'm already envisioning August and Little Loy #2 turning 6 and 8 and having an epic color war with their friends in the woods.

Please send boy names (that go well with August) my way as I'm rather stumped.  Brandon keeps suggesting Ragnar Lodbrok... There has got to be something better!


  1. Ok hello! Found your blog through instagram and I will now proceed to stalk your archives! I have a great name for y'all that goes with August- Wilder. LOVE IT. Also love the name Holsten (and love the first/last name alliteration) and Owens. So fun!

    1. Hey- Welcome, Hannah! Thanks for the suggestions. I really like Wilder! "Owyn" is a really close friends' baby so I think "Owens" would be too close although that was on our short list for August. Should've used it when I had the chance :) haha. Have fun reading my archives!