A Letter to My Son || Little Loy #2

My Dear, Youngest Son,

Until recently, it has been easy to pretend we are getting another son just like August. We've discussed the newborn August stages as if we will repeat them with you in the exact same way. I keep waiting for labor to start in the late afternoon- just as it did with August. But you are unique. Your cry will be different, your eating patterns will be different, and, presumably, you will even look different too. Some things will be similar- birthing you will be memorable; long nights without sleep are inevitable; our love for you will surge deeper and higher than imaginable.

But you will be your own particular child with your own special demands, your own expressions and preferences. While I cannot wait to hold you, I think this realization has me hoping you will wait until May to arrive. You will then have your own month- unique from your brother and three cousins.

We are all ready for your sweet presence: for chest nap cuddles and tight finger holds, for early morning smiles and late night laughs, for baths with your brother and bedtime stories. You are anticipated with a deep love that you've done nothing to earn. We love you because you are ours and you are a perfect gift from our Father. Come when you are ready; we patiently await your arrival. 

Your mumma 

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