Around Here

Around here, we are finally relaxing in the evenings and enjoying our TV shows being back on the air (Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Community, Vikings).

Around here, I am avoiding new episodes of Call the Midwife until after Little Loy #2 arrives. 

Around here, I am working on my 2014 albums in hopes to finish volume 1 (January-June) before baby. (I'm editing text this evening- my final step- so I hope get this one checked off the list and volume 2 laid out in the next day or two.)

Around here, we are coming very close to a name for the baby but may wait to meet him to decide (since we are so close anyhow).

Around here, we are listening to the rainy evenings with candles lit.

Around here, I am wrapping up things at work and mentally shifting for the slower pace a newborn requires.

Around here, we are obsessed with Trader Joe's Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream. Go get ya some.

Around here, we are discovering the joy of puddles.

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