Our Babymoon/ Valentine's/ Anniversary Weekend

Because Little Loy #2 is due a week before our six year anniversary, Brandon and I decided to celebrate early and call the trip a babymoon as well. Our dear friends, the Reeves, agreed to keep August for the weekend so that we could escape to a cabin in the mountains. We took naps and baths, watched movies and the flickering fire, and sipped wine and cocoa. We ventured out for a bit of (very cold) antiquing and to the cinema to see American Sniper.

(Quick film review: The story is haunting, the acting phenomenal. Clint Eastwood is a legend. There were 4 or 5 kids in the theatre with us; please do not take your children to see this film. There is depravity in this world they do not need to witness.) 

I really wanted to take this map home with me.
I've learned that I am terrible at photographing and blogging the trips with only me and Brandon. I'm thankful he took a few pictures that I can share here. He was especially proud of the cabin's heated toilet seat and tile floors.
Thanks for taking good care of our peanut, Reeves family. He's busy practicing his harmonica skills, Weston.

[This post was scheduled to go live a month ago as our trip was taken in February. However, I just retrieved the photos from Brandon's phone.]

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