at home: a homemaking series || light

This is a simple homemaking series focusing on making a welcoming space for you, your littles and your guests. Many are methods I've observed from dear friends whose homes are the warmest, coziest places imaginable. A comfortable, hospitable home does not require hours of cleaning and heaps of money. Simple is often best.

I'll start with the easiest idea: light a candle. It will cast visual warmth and a lovely scent to any scene. A candle in the kitchen reminds me to breathe deeply when cooking seems mundane. Tapers on the dining room table transform a normal dinner into a special occasion. A lit pillar on the coffee table calms our play to a slower pace and brightens a rainy day.

A candle transforms the mood of the room and, often, the mood of its occupants. I light candles when I'm playing with the boys on the floor, when girlfriends are over for coffee and when the house is quiet during nap time. Give it a shot. I'm off to light mine now.

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