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This is a simple homemaking series focusing on making a welcoming space for you, your littles and your guests. Many are methods I've observed from dear friends whose homes are the warmest, coziest places imaginable. A comfortable, hospitable home does not require hours of cleaning and heaps of money. Simple is often best.

My next idea comes from my husband: create a playlist for company. Now that August is actively listening to music and jabbering away, we have become significantly more aware of the types of lyrics we want playing in our home. This has inspired Brandon to create a giant playlist we can have on while company is over.

Music creates a nice backdrop to conversation but it should not dominate the atmosphere. Children need to be able to play with toys and hear their imaginations at work. Adults need to hear each other over the music and the children's games. Don't be afraid to add a few upbeat songs and the occasional kid's song on the mix -- just be aware of little listening ears while you make your selections. Some of my favorite artists on our company playlist: Andrew Peterson (he's my fav), Chet Baker, Rain for Roots, Josh Rouse, Sugar & the Hi-Lows. The Oldies are always a good choice too.

We are often looking for new music... Who are your favorites?

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  1. I listen to Melissa Otto a lot. She's an Australian singer/songwriter who [...] well, I'll let you decide what you think of her.