April Portrait

August gathers the toys: wooden digger, plastic shovel, several sticks. He removes his clothing down to his underwear "so they don't get dirty." Barefoot, he sits in the dirt driveway with his toys around him. He scoops and digs and scrapes. 

After a minute or two, he asks us to join him. I carry Boston in his green onesie and place him on the ground beside August. 

"The wind is blowing, August. Watch that the dirt doesn't get in BB's eyes." 

I stand back and watch them play together. Boston eats the shovel. August scoops dirt and watches it blow away in the breeze. Their eyes meet and they both giggle. 

We will have baths before dinner tonight. 

Photo taken by Janie of Life Writing Photography. This is one of the many gorgeous shots she took in our family mini-session this Spring. I plan to post several more in a few days after the birthday hustle has died down. If you are local, I highly recommend her services.

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