so here my new blog style. you like? its something fresh for the summertime! everybody needs something new and fresh and exciting. so here we go... from the pits of springtime comes GREEN and WHITE and GREY at sea and islands.

as well, you can now read my blog in hindi, if it so pleases you:

सो हियर मय न्यू ब्लोग स्टाइल. यू लिके? इट्स सोमेथिंग फ्रेश फ़ॉर थे सुम्मेर्तिमे! एवेर्य्बोडी नीड्स सोमेथिंग न्यू ऎंड फ्रेश ऎंड एक्ष्कितिन्ग्. सो हियर वी गो... फ्रॉम थे पिट्स ऑफ़ स्प्रिन्ग्तिमे कोमेस ग्रीन ऎंड व्हिते ऎंड ग्रे अत सा ऎंड इस्लान्ड्स।

i mean, who knows if that is right or wrong... but go google for trying!


  1. I feel like your blogs used to make me sad and lonley feeling. This is like a copleate change, and I almost hear faries singing in the background.

    P.S. For some reason since the beginning of time the options at the top of my google blog have been in arabic:

    Поиск в блоге
    Пометить блог
    Блог помечен
    Следующий блог»
    Создать блог | Войти

    The last two are join and sign in I think... i dont knwo what the other ones are, maybe one's change language?

  2. last i checked, i dont speak arabic. otherwise I'd love to help you.
    One is probably:
    "Search blog"
    "Flag Blog"
    "Next Blog"
    "Create Blog" and
    "Sign in"

    at least those are what mine are :) pretty sure one isnt change language and youre stuck with arabic. better start learning it in your free time before Ghana :)

    PS- im glad this makes you more happy. i thought it would be appropriate for summer.

  3. i also agree with the change.... it makes we want to blog...