queen of the south

i would like to inform murrelet, dandy, and wino that their former name for me, "princess," has been replaced with "queen of the south" by my good friend liam. this is the same individual who has brought names into my life such as:

all-american buncheese

inverto ass

ass features

there are many others that he contributed to- canadian claire, bucket head, and the hammer, to name a few- but the first three listed embody our friendship. and now, i have "queen of the south." i will take it for what its worth because its far better than the butt-related alternatives.

in more seasonal news, i christmas shopped all day! mum and i adventured out after church and bought for stockings and under the tree and parcel posts. then we came home and wrapped them all up! but we cant put them out cause two dogs live here now who will attack and eat them, most likely. our tree bottom is still bare... but it wont be come Christmas Eve! i feel much more spirited and happy now. AND i went by my grandmothers and saw her "christmas decorations" consisting of jars of candy and candles lining her attic stairs... SO grammie... will add picture soon.

off to sleep away my tired muscles and allergy heavy eyes. tomorrow: i errand. i resume. i ashe. and i play with brit.


  1. Princess Jack,
    You never included frenchie in your list of addressees, so i shall presume to continue calling you princess?

  2. so many names.. so many people... but you have already forgotten someone... Saddness has fallen in the upstate. However, i am interested in why you were called "ass features". hmmmmm? this friend liam seems a bit strange!

  3. apparently the two people i "forgot" are the only two people who read my blog. i am sorry boys. let me explain... i addressed it to the attendees of the Winter Road Trip who called me Princess. Frenchie- have you EVER addressed me as princess? It has been a while since I have seen you, but last I recall, you introduce me as "jack." and to Anonymous in the Upstate- your connotations are very different than the "bitch" connotations of the other three. thus, i excluded you. it should be taken for a compliment.

    Maybe one day, I'll explain "Ass Features" if you are lucky.

  4. I still take offense at your discontent with my use of Princess. I was perfectly gentlemanly, and I treated you with exactly the behavior besuiting someone of your esteem and stature.

    I don't know what that meant. But I was nice.

  5. ...and i was perhaps less than gentelemanly with my use of princess, but it was an upgrade over my former nicknames for you. And call Frenchie by his name please. And i will gladly challenge liam to a nickname dual over what we call you--all i have to do is remember the small rock. I've seen Braveheart, i know how this works.