havent reads

I was looking through the bookshelf pictured above when I realized I should divide my books into "have reads" and "havent reads." That way I can be one of those old people with thousands of books on her shelves, all "have reads." Would you rather speak to speak to someone like that, in all her intrigue and allure, than the individual who surrounds herself with books for fluff, decor, and an air of intelligence?

And so, the list of "havent reads" goes like this:
The Great Kettles
The Bonesetters Daughter
Memoirs of a Geisha
Houses that Change the World

That is not as bad as I had thought. I suppose it helps that many of these were from lit courses where I was forced to read at break-neck speed. I dont think I will ever really read "Calligraphy" but I will start my small list at The Bonesetter's Daughter and see where the reading world takes me [if I can escape the haunts of the cathedral builders in Pillars of the Earth first].

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