the freedom my Savior gives

Some thoughts have been rumbling through my brain this week after last week's HC discussion on the Promise of a Savior and after Stuart's sermon on Generosity. First of all, I reread Isaiah 7 several times this week- its just so beautiful. The chapter is a prophecy of the fall of Israel- first the Assyrians come in- then the Babylonians- then the Persians- then the Greeks- then the Romans. Its one invasion after the other with far more details than I wish to supply in this morning's post. And Isaiah 7 is the prophecy of what is to come- and its scary. But there is hope. The words are laced with hope of a promise, of a future, of a Savior. It is a beautiful thing to think that in the midst of horrible invasion, separation of families, loss of religious relics, and, certainly, doubt in one's God--that God promises a Savior: "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel." This sign is an indisputable, impossible, unimaginable conception and it is called GOD WITH US. There is so much beauty in that it makes me cry.

Secondly, I have been thinking that the Kindgom of God is all about looking for the things God is already doing, and joining Him. Its about looking for God in our moves, in our jobs, in our shopping, in our volunteering... and where He is working, joining Him. Its that simple but it is not easy. What is easy is getting carried away with "good works" and the guilt of living in a first world country. Here's the deal- God put us here for right now and so I just want to say that if the volunteering you are doing over and over again because its "what you should do" is not giving you joy then you need to stop volunteering in that particular area. If your service is making you more disgruntled and angry- stop it! Give your heart a rest and ask the Lord to reveal where you should be and what you should be doing.

This is meant to encourage you- and to give you freedom in God's unfailing and infinite love for you. We are not supposed to be feeding the poor with an angry heart. Isn't God all about the heart anyhow? Its not about the deeds, but your heart. And so, on this note, I will leave you and go to reflect on my own words and see what secrets my heart is keeping.

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