starbucks: an inner battle

I try very hard not to hate Starbucks- but they arent making it easy for me. I think it is unfair to blame the entire company for me being out of a job, for my friends losing all their money, for small business owners everywhere to be struggling. I try to stay level-headed and to focus my boycott on the lone Clemson-based Starbucks. I dont want to be a hater. I dont want to appear to be a coffee shop snob (interesting how not loving Starbucks can turn you into this). In a recent MSN article, the author reveals the new plan of Starbucks:

"...Starbucks's latest innovation -- the independent-coffeehouse-themed 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea -- was ripped off from small nonchain coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. It seems Starbucks finally figured out that one size doesn't fit all, especially if you're catering to customers who pride themselves on their up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge looks and attitudes. The chic new stores will be rebranded with individual names to create the illusion that they're locally owned. Who says you can't buy authenticity?"

Thats right, my lovely readers, Starbucks is going to open FAKE independent coffeehouses! I dont know what else to say beyond, really?!?


  1. That's interesting! We don't have a Starbucks anywhere near here, not even in neighboring countries :) But when I was in the states I loved their Frapps and the fact they were accessible everywhere :P
    From marketing point of view opening Fake independent coffeehouses is genius! That's what huge food corporations have been doing for a long time now - buying small (sometimes eco friendly) businesses and then marketing their own stuff through them so that consumers will think it came from a considerate small company instead of the evil corporation.
    I don't think there's a written rule for chain coffeehouses all looking the same. And as for ripping off from small coffeehouses - a lot of big companies do that all the time. It's sad for us consumers that we are being tricked that way but unless you want to grow your own coffee beans, there's really not that much you can do. I guess it really boils down for you to either choose to boycott Starbucks or not. But Starbucks is not the only company one playing the dirty game, so why not boycott all of them? :)

  2. yes. really? for the love.

  3. oh that's so so sad...fake originality? Lord have mercy.

    sarah b

  4. i am aware of the "genius" move of it all- i am also aware of the trend in businesses to do this. I think what bothers me beyond everything else is the snobbery that goes with drinking starbucks. It is absolutely ridiculous. I do not boycott the entire company- I choose not to go to my local one because of what it has done to local businesses. And if I am 20 minutes from a local shop or 3 from Starbucks, I'll drive the distance because local businesses mean more to me. There is way more here than marketing technique- its a heart and culture issue in America and it makes me sad. I think thats what I was trying to convey.

  5. wow, just wow. Starbucks would do that. My rhetorical criticism professor would LOVE your question of authenticity. I plan on sharing it with her when I return from break.

    Speaking of break, I'll use this space to wish you a wonderful one! I apologize that sickness got in the way of art, but we can certainly venture to Hobby Lobby when we both get back. Enjoy Charleston!