Jenny and Mel

Last night, I had a crazy dream- Mel, Jenny and I were shopping downtown Charleston and we kept finding tons of really cheap vintage stores. I am talking "49 cents for anything fabric" cheap. We three had so much fun finding old crazy outfits to try and new, hip anthropologie brands. I woke up wanting to go back to sleep and find more deals- and mostly, to LAUGH MORE. Mel and Jenny represent life to me: Melissa is a beautiful newlywed and is pregnant with a healthy boy! and Jenny is mourning the passing of her sweet, loving and godly mother-in-law. I miss these girls. The last few years living away from them has put a distance in our physicality but not in our conversations. We still share our lives together, though it is at fewer intervals. And I suppose, the old adage is true "distance makes the heart grow fonder." Because of our distance, we cling to the time we have and just love on each other when we are given time together.
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  1. Thanks Claire! :) I share the same thoughts and feelings. I am so thankful for you and the friendship that we share!... It is a gift from God.
    And I love the dream! :) haha... lets find the stores!