Two Ought One Ought

"for last year's words belong to last year's language
and next year's words await another voice
and to make an end is to make a beginning"
-TS Eliot in "Little Gidding"

New Year's Resolutions have never made much sense to me. Maybe its because I learned of the statistical failure of them before I learned of the practice. Maybe its because I am still on vacation when January 1st begins, and I don't want to stop eating candy when I am on vacation (who would?) Whatever the reason, it is not because I do not examine my life. I think I do a rather excellent job of sitting down every few months for a self-examination session. This is not to say that I realize all my problems and fix them every few months- just to say that I am in the practice of "stuffing thoughts in my pocket."

This January, I am going to divide my ideas into "January Resolutions" and "2010 Resolutions." Most will fit into January because at the end of January, my life might spin on its head and land me elsewhere- rendering a few of these resolutions null and void. So, here goes-

For January:

1. I commit to a blog post daily. This might result in two on Friday if my Saturday looks busy- but there will be 31 Posts for the month of January (and I will even post a few today to make up for the 3 days I have missed).
2. I will journal every Monday. I have been really bad about this since Brandon and I got married 8 months ago. And so, I am aiming to capture my heart's thoughts on paper not just in my pocket.
3. Brandon and I are praying every morning and night together- I say this here so that on any given day, one of you might call and say "did you pray with your husband this morning?" Its an accountability thing- not a showoffie thing.

For 2010:

1. I will, for one month, take and post a photo everyday on my blog. This will not happen in January, but at some point this year- and hopefully, I wont leave it til next December, but if I do- I commit to doing it.
2. I want to be more intentional in my friendships- with letter writing, with emails, with phone calls, with dinners. Every month, I will have a different "plan of action" to hold myself to the charge of being a better friend to those around me. Community is what I thrive on, but I do not feed it and give it the attention that it requires. I do not breathe life into it. In 2010, with different methods, I would like to strengthen the community around me (physically- in Clemson for now) and the community of my friends and family (across the country and world, even). Wanna be my pen pal? Just let me know :)

This is simple; these things I look to do. They are for personal growth (writing and photography), family growth (time in prayer and Scripture), and community growth. I hope that I will reread this entry as 2011 approaches with a smile and some pride at having completed my mission for "two ought one ought."

Peace, friends. Are you doing resolutions? What are they focused on?

Posting for January 1st

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