thanksgiving joy

Thanksgiving cards are normally a little boring... always saying something like "i am thankful for you." but, if you mix thanksgiving cards with my Aunt Lydia, you'll get a treat! here is our Thanksgiving card for this year from my nutty aunt. She wrote questions and answers on the inside:

1. Why does the little squirrel have a pilgrim hat on?
2. Why is it carrying an acorn?
3. Why are the leaves orange?
4. Why does it have a smile on its face?
5. Why is the squirrel orange and red?


1. Because its from his ancestors John Smith and Aunt Pocahontas. An heirloom
2. Gonna use it for bait for his Thanksgiving Turkey.
3. Because the tree is from Clemson. duh!
4. Because it won the Claire and Brandon Thanksgiving Card contest and it gets to live with Claire and Brandon from now on.
5. Its a fox-squirrel, goofy!

Her answers were followed by this statement-

"If you didnt get any of these answers right--you deserve to live in Clemson. If you got at least one right, there's still hope for you."

Good thing that orange leafed Clemson question was in there- there is hope yet :-)

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  1. i just like that precious little chipmunk/squirrel thing in the pilgrim hat...how cute! haha